Low Code Adoption Accelerator - 1-2 months Workshop

Plain Concepts

Accelerate developing using a low-code application platforms to modernize legacy processes and deliver new, digital solutions at lightning speed

Leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, your company will develop a strategy of adopting Low-code in this accelerator program. We will assist you in this journey that addresses the needs of governance, standardization, adoption and operation of these technologies.

Improve your business processes and start modernizing and creating newer solutions at speed for your business processes. The Low-Code accelerator helps you to use existing resources to deliver new solutions by onboarding teams to use a low code platform, setting up governance, building a culture of low-code development and creating ready-to-use templates and app components. The goal is to deliver flexible and reusable solutions that can evolve easily over time. You will achieve major productivity gains creating production-ready apps in shorter time by reusing certain functionality.

BENEFITS Discover and unlock the full end-to-end Low-code potential and improve understanding of how to leverage Power Platform in your organization.

• Assess your Low-code capabilities and needs and create a tailored plan or roadmap to help you accelerate and repeatedly sustain value delivery. • Build Low-code solutions to support business needs and modernization. • Reduce development time & expertise needed – empower employee developers to create their own software, automated processes, and applications while significantly reduce the time, training and expertise needed to create fully functional solutions. • Speed – apart from a quick, simple development process, low infrastructure and experienced resources requirements, a low code/ no-code approach improves your processes and speed up product delivery. • Visual development & customizations – Easy-to-use development interfaces, such as drag-and-drop, are used to allow developers and non-technical users to create applications that are best suited to their needs modify the code themselves.

PHASES AND TIMELINE Week 1 - Discovery & Assessment Interviews across your organizational chart (business, IT, operations , etc.) to assess your Low Code maturity level, opportunities and requirements. Discovery and brainstorming sessions to explore the power of a Low Code and align its capabilities with your business opportunities. • “As is”, opportunities and requirements report. • Power Platform state of use. Assessment.

Week 2 - Ideation, Prioritization, Envisioning & Roadmap Ideation sessions to detect pain points, bring to light your challenges and identify high-ROI opportunities and use cases with short time to value. Define of a Low Code strategy and vision aligned with a roadmap for the identified and prioritized opportunities. • List of opportunities or initiatives prioritized by ROI and time-to-value. • Prioritized roadmap, Low Code strategy and recommendations to rapidly and confidently advance Low Code maturity and adoption.

Week 3 & 4 - Target Architecture – Definition and Building Blocks Assessment of your data architecture, evaluation of needs, individual target picture for future architecture, and implementation roadmap to harness the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform. • Conclusive evaluation report, target picture for future architecture and clear implementation roadmap. • Current status and guidelines on business-IT relationship framework.

Weeks 5 - Results, Outlook & Next Steps Final presentation, conclusions and findings with your business, IT, leadership and decision-makers stakeholders. Train key people and units on Power Platform. Provide outlook on further and roadmap developments. Define and align next steps. • Communication and training sessions for presentation of result

The price of the Accelerator depends on the size of the company and teams involved as well as geographical location.

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