Microsoft Teams Live Events: 1 Day Workshop


ILLUMINATE™: EXCITE Microsoft Live Event Quick Start. At the end of this Quick Start you'll be successful with Microsoft Live Events.

Microsoft Live Events Assistance for Microsoft 365:

 Review of Live Event Entitlements for Microsoft Live Event (As part of the Needs Assessment and Validation with a Solutions Architect) 
 As part of this service Presidio will aid in one customer Live Event

The Microsoft 365 Consulting Service includes:

 - Scheduling a Practice Live Event (1-3 hours as needed, Remote Session)
 - Review of details required to schedule a Live Event Demonstration of a practice session, panelist privileges, modifying panelist and attendee status, defining the Q & A owners, practicing muting and unmuting, as well as practicing content sharing
 - Review Best Practices and Schedule the Live Event
 - Remote 1-hour Preparation Meeting with the Host and Panelists prior to the go-live
 - Remote Live Support (To Be Defined in the scope, options are Presidio employee promoted to host to assist with muting and unmuting, Presidio employee as a silent panelist, available to assist, or remote support on standby during the call)
 - Review of Reports available to the Host after the Live Event
 - If Recorded, demonstrate how to access recording

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