Copilot for Microsoft 365 Pilot Launch: 2-Wk Proof of Concept


A rapid Copilot for Microsoft 365 pilot/proof of concept with an initial use case will provide quick value from AI and learnings to expand the roll out and more use cases to other groups.

Have you heard the excitement around AI and Copilot? Are you anxious to get started? We hear you. Let’s get you ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 with a rapid 2-week pilot or proof of concept.

With expert guidance from ProServeIT, you will be able to launch a Copilot for Microsoft 365 proof of concept with 10 users within 2 weeks. You will learn how to get to value quickly with a Copilot use case pilot and, afterwards, you will be able to expand Copilot use to additional use cases and user groups.

We’ll help you to set up your environment and permissions to safely use Microsoft Copilot for your initial use case.

New and upcoming Microsoft Copilot products will assist employees from within their flow of work and through familiar interfaces like Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint and Windows). Other Microsoft solutions that will include AI assistance include Microsoft Viva and Dynamics 365 with modules for sales, finance, operations, customer service, and more. IT staff will be able to take advantage of behind-the-scenes tools to streamline operations in security and the Azure cloud.

With our guidance and Microsoft’s comprehensive AI tools, we can help you achieve favorable outcomes including:

  • Productivity gains
  • Improved security and data permissions
  • Simplified modern IT infrastructure
  • AI tools integrated seamlessly in the flow of work
  • Cost efficiency

What you will get from this proof of concept:

  • Help to identify the ideal proof of concept users. We recommend starting with a small group from Sales, Human Resources, or a few members from your executive team.
  • Definition of the success criteria for the rapid launch proof of concept.
  • A review of your security and compliance requirements to address potential risks.
  • Two 1-hour training workshops for the chosen group of users.
  • Evaluation of the results and guidance on next steps for expanding Microsoft Copilot use.

Price will depend on the complexity and scope of your proof of concept.

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