Microsoft Teams Smart Packages: 5-Day Implementation


Go Further & Improve Efficiency with Microsoft Teams Automation. Let's work together to take full advantage of Teams and other apps that come with your Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft Teams Smart Packages Taste of Process Automation: Let us help you not only with adoption of Teams, but also to automate one of your simple manual processes (i.e. vacation time approval, onboarding, or recording sick days) • Increased adoption of Microsoft Teams. • Improved communications within your organization. • Automation of one of your manual processes. • Efficiency gained by reducing repetitive tasks, errors, and mistakes. • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction. • Increased ROI on your Office 365 investment.

Microsoft Teams Smart Pro Automation & Office 365 Data Integration: Go one step further with automation! Is your data scattered across multiple Office 365 applications? Let’s set up a common data model so that your apps talk to each other and there is one single source of truth for your organization. • Everything included in the Microsoft Teams Smart package. • Automation of another manual, multistage process (total of 2 processes). • Faster and better access to your key business data. Increased productivity. • Solid common data model established for future integration projects (integration with additional applications like Power Bi, Power Apps, SharePoint and more)

Microsoft Teams Smart Elite Competitive Advantage Gained: Talk “art of the possible” with your process automation! Let’s integrate Microsoft Teams with other platforms (such as your CRM system, HR or accounting software, etc.) so that you can establish the ultimate common data model.
• Everything included in the Microsoft Teams Smart Plus package. • Better data visibility and integration of multiple data sources (Power Bi, Power Apps) • Microsoft Teams becoming your single data source which leads to speedy and improved decision making. • Annual Process Roadmap to help you refine your complex automated processes as your organization evolves. • Increased competitive advantage using your Office 365.

Let's work together to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams

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