Get Started with Your Own Power App in a Snap: 8-hour Workshop


Choose a Power App topic closest to your business challenges and let our experts teach you how to build your own low-code, no code application and solve daily business challenges.

Empower your workforce with the Power Apps workshop offered by Power Squads. The workshop is aimed at business users and does not require training in the area of information technology. After attending this workshop, the participant will be able to create their own applications in Power Apps to solve day-to-day challenges in their area and will be able to improve the operational efficiency of the company through these applications.

During the workshop, participants will create a Power Apps application from scratch with the mentorship of one of our instructors, who will provide all knowledge and best practices in developing low-code/no-code applications. The application's theme can be selected from the various options we have available. You can choose the topic closest to your business challenges to motivate and brainstorm your workforce. The workshop classes are daily lasting 2 hours. The workshop lasts 1 week.

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