Office 365 GCC High Migration +Tenant Imp 4Wk

Summit 7 Systems, Inc

Companies looking to migrate to Office 365 GCC High to meet regulatory compliance requirements can rely on a proven approach to securely transition from other cloud platforms (Google, etc) or on prem.

Companies looking to migrate to Office 365 GCC High / Microsoft 365 GCC High to meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as DFARS or ITAR, can rely on Summit 7's proven approach to securely transition from another platform (Google G-Suite, AWS, Box, etc), Commercial Office 365, or on premises systems while maintaining data residency in the US.

Week 1: First, the S7 team will work with clients develop a licensing plan to accommodate all users and data needing to be migrated, as well as understand collaboration and security needs to properly prescribe E1 vs E3 vs E5 licensing per user group. Additionally, Summit 7 will assist the client in identifying feature parity gaps between their current platform and Office 365 GCC High.

Week 2: Summit 7 will create a migration plan for all users and data, and this information will be mapped to workloads in Office 365 GCC High - such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Exchange. The team will look to uncover any additional workloads that may cause issue when migrating to GCC High, such as third party applications and workflow automation.

Week 3: The team will purchase and deploy necessary migration tools and custom code to migrate content. Prior to migration, Summit 7 will deploy the tenant and establish Azure Active Directory (AAD) with AD Connect to On-prem AD. The week will end with a migration set to a date and time coordinated with the client.

Week 4: The project ends with a post-migration review to ensure all data is present and users are able to authenticate properly to the new environment. A project closure meeting will also allow the client to voice any additional requests or ask questions about their new environment.

The project does not include security configuration of the tenant for CMMC.

The CMMC Implementation project can be found here:

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