Active Assure Attack Assessment - 3 Weeks

BDO Digital, LLC

Breach and Attack Simulations — We Attack to Defend You

Companies invest in cybersecurity tools, yet they still fall victim to attacks. Why? Unintentional changes in their security controls. These security coverage gaps leave their network defense teams blind to attack activity and their customers vulnerable to devastating breaches.

BDO Digital’s managed attack simulation and security validation services proactively provide visibility into these blind spots leveraging Microsoft 365. This provides you with real-time operational assurance that your security program is working as expected. By delivering continuous simulations of known cyber threats including malware, ransomware, and supply chain attacks, we test your organization’s resilience against real-world cyber threats to secure your company’s future. Coupled with BDO Digital Active Protect leveraging Microsoft Sentinel, Active Assure delivers industry leading comprehensive cybersecurity coverage to your organization.

The Value Behind Continuously Validating Your Digital Security Services: How can you be sure that the cybersecurity measures that you have in place are doing what they need to if you haven’t put them to the test? BDO Digital Active Assure continuously validates that your cybersecurity measures are effectively defending against threats.

Active Assure is intended to provide value in the following ways: • Continuous security control validation • Demonstrate the effectiveness of BDO Digital’s MXDR solution while eliminating risk • Complete visibility into security control changes • Security program assurance against emerging treats • Security investment validation and optimization • Demonstrates the value of a security program to leadership teams

To ensure there are no gaps as technology and threats change, you need technology to detect those gaps constantly. Active Assure is a solution to help you do exactly that.

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