1ID Platform for EDU

Telelink Business Services EAD

1ID Platform for EDU provides secure access to multiple custom applications and services offered by the customer organization via a variety of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services.


Telelink Business Services has built an end-to-end solution for remote learning that incorporates multiple systems and various custom applications into one integrated platform for managing user identity and access. This single platform that can carry out online learning, automate the user lifecycle and provide exchange of learning content. Faculty workers and students across K-12 Education in Bulgaria have access to Microsoft 365 licenses. 1ID Platform is harnessing the Azure Active Directory services to streamline their access to EDU focused applications through a single secure entry point. User identity is crucial for performing the remote learning process organized predominantly in Microsoft Teams. Each user is added to a team and granted with specific extension attributes upon creation. Users are accessing classes based on their membership in the respective Microsoft Teams groups. Faculty workers act as team owners and control the learning process - invite, remove, grant rights to users. OneDrive is used to back up user directories like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, store and share information between team members. All mentioned above contribute to the adoption of Microsoft 365 across K-12 Education in Bulgaria. 1ID platform support Microsoft 365 user activation and education digitalization process.

    • centrally controlled access to all digital educational platforms and services
    • automatic user creation and personal data protection
    • complete student profile lifecycle management (from user creation to graduation)
    • modern solution architecture based on open-source software and containers
    • solution powered by Microsoft technology - Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory B2C, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Table storage, Azure Service Bus.


    1ID Platform designed by Telelink Business Services constitutes a modern, completely safe digital educational environment based on cloud technologies that kindergartens, schools, and universities can use for their educational needs.


Assess phase:
  • provide professional consulting and software governance services
  • develop a cloud adoption roadmap and plan the transition to Microsoft 365

Design phase:
  • create an end-to-end software management self-service platform
  • design and develop a single-entry point site managing the student profile lifecycle

Implementation phase:
  • integration of multiple learning and teaching systems with Microsoft Teams
  • provide management and support services related to the adoption of a remote learning environment

Estimate price and delivery period could be adjusted, based on customer needs, profile complexity, number of users, etc.

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