Viva Employee Experience Offer


Discover how Microsoft Viva can help you and your organization

“Discover how Microsoft Viva can help you and your organization"

Tokiota's Viva, empowering your employees is oriented to a single goal: Bringing modern work productivity technologies of Viva closer to your employees and to improve their efficiency, their happines and the way they work using Microsoft Viva.

In a scenario where remot working is our present, the employees might be lost in an overly broad landscape of technologies and burned out, Tokiota, through its consulting service and its approach with the Viva program, provides differential value proposing an empathic and collaborative process with the client to help them to empowering theri employees and conect them with the compny, bringing back a positive impact on their business.

Our work is based on helping you and your company adopt a new way of work, more connected with the company and more connected with the daily work of the employees, so we can initiate a collaborative process where, adding your knowledge of business to our knowledge of Microsoft Viva, we can, together, discover, implement and adopt solutions and productivity scenarios that bring a real benefit to your company and the employee experience of your people.
We propose a 3-step exercise to achieve this goal:

  1. Understand your business and your specific needs.
  2. Detect which modules of Microsoft Viva will be work in your company actions based on Microsoft 365 solutions to solve the different pain points identified with your employees.
  3. Propose a series of prioritized pilot actions (limited in time and effort) to enable the measurement of the future success (Connecction, Wellness, Productivity ...) beforehand, so we can only escalate those solutions that have proven to be successful.

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