Process Intelligence: 2-wk Process Mining Assessment & PoC


Confidently introduce yourself to Microsoft Process Intelligence tools for Process Mining. Perform an informative assessment and proof-of-concept with your very own activity & event logs.

Velrada offers an introduction to Process Mining through a pilot-sprint engagement. It is designed to accelerate the adoption of the Process Intelligence capabilities within the Microsoft Power Platform - namely Process Mining. Process Mining allows for activity & event log files to be mined for analytics and insights. This allows you to visualise the invisible, find opportunities for efficiency gains, and make informed decisions. The technology from Microsoft features AI-infused functionality to assist with insights and recommendations though its very own built-in Copilot.

The engagement includes 4 short activities to kick-off, perform data discovery, co-analyse, and playback the findings.

The engagement is designed to help organizations uncover inefficiencies and identify opportunities for automation and process improvement. By leveraging the expertise of Velrada's Power Platform consultants, organizations can gain “x-ray” like visibility into processes that are taking too long, are not clear, being done differently by multiple users, and has bottlenecks. The engagement also includes continuous monitoring to track how processes are performing with optimizations in place and continually bring improvements.

The goal of this engagement is to showcase an end-to-end demonstration of the technology & solution within your Microsoft tenant using data from your nominated source system. Velrada works with your process SME and aims for the engagement to be completed within 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of process being explored and client SME availability.

In summary, Velrada's Process Mining engagement is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations dive into the technology with confidence, gain insights into their processes, identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, and drive data-driven outcomes.

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