Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting: Power BI Fundamentals Training

Western Computer

Learn to use Power BI reports and dashboards with Dynamics 365 Business Central in (4) private sessions for your company.

Would you like to learn how to visualize your Dynamics 365 Business Central data with Power BI reports and dashboards? Extend your insight and visibility with four 90-minute training sessions led by a Western Computer Power BI expert. From extracting data to designing and publishing elegant dashboards and reports, you will learn all the fundamentals needed to be successful.

Empower your team with contextual training and step-by-step instruction so they are ready to leverage Power BI and elevate your company’s reporting right away.

Your entire training course is private and reserved exclusively for your company (up to 5 employees included) which allows you to securely work with potentially sensitive data.

Upon completion, attendees will confidently be able to:

• Extract data from Dynamics 365 Business Central into Power BI • Create data sets for reports and dashboards • Visualize data in Power BI • Publish, share, and print dashboards and reports • Query, filter, slice, and dice company data

Fundamentals course curriculum:

• Overview of the Power BI platform, installation, and licensing • Power BI fundamentals and best practices • How to use Excel to populate test data for Power BI • How to design web queries from Dynamics 365 Business Central for efficient performance • How to create and publish custom queries and pages in Business Central • How to create data tables for calendar and fiscal date reporting in Power BI • How to create, customize and display visual dashboards and reports • How to utilize Power BI Data Flows

Course Format: Four 90-minute online, hands-on training sessions scheduled twice per week for two consecutive weeks.

Course Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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