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Business management for commercial & residential material / construction supply, install, & service.

Industry tailored business management for commercial & residential material / construction supply, install, & service

For over 25 years contractERP has collaborated with the construction material & equipment supply industry to develop and deliver world-class business management software that supports the process flow and unique requirements found exclusively in this business sector. We are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a world-class ERP platform, which allows us to offer far greater stability and security than our competitors. But our name is contractERP because we live and breathe construction supply. We understand the unique challenges faced by originating, managing, and billing projects on a contract basis, and have translated that understanding into simple, easy to use, and incredibly powerful software.

Features and Benefits

  • Front-end Estimating and Submittal software Integration
    When on average only 20% of what you estimate is converted to a contract sell, there's no room for error having the quote become a job. Big problems on project work can often be attributed to just the smallest of mistakes.
  • Contract Sales and Change Orders
    Simplify large jobs by automating repetitive Project Management tasks, bringing together all departments with one source of the truth to provide better decision making, leverage real-time data to avoid disasters, and manage contract change orders with complete confidence.
  • Contract (AIA) Billing
    Take the all guess work out of your Contract Billing process and drastically cut your workload per month, getting your pay apps out on time and accurate. See real-time accumulating actual costs compared to budget, so the guess work of monthly progress billing will be a thing of the past.
  • Special Ordered Material Handling
    As an expert in your industry, you need your customers to trust your ability to get the product they need, whatever the configuration. It's your ability to turn that special order request into an on-time delivery, with the right product, that keeps him coming back job after job.
  • Make-to-Order/Make-to-Buy Product Configurator
    Construction material is often sold with an endless options and attributes that define it. contractERP makes it easy for you to build these configurations and offer the variety required, making your company standout.
  • Mobile Warehouse and Inventory Management
    When more than half your inventory is brought in specifically for jobs, keeping your warehouse in order can be the difference of being profitable or taking a loss. contractERP is made to manage non-standard special ordered inventory, drastically reducing that unwanted “bone yard”.
  • Shop Management & Capacity Scheduling
    As a business that provides specialized products that are most often unique to your customers job specifications, your ability to get those requirements to your Shop accurately, quickly and without adding numerous manual steps is paramount to meeting your customers’ expectations. contractERP provides the tools you need to manage your shop capacity efficiently so you get your special shop-built products out on time and on budget.
  • Dimensional Material & Building Material Project Sales
    You manage volumes of material coming in, as fast as it goes out. contractERP's Building. Material Sales solution was designed for speed of entry, highly flexible dimensional material pricing, and complete control of the material from receipt to delivery—Leaving no room for error!
  • Field Service Management
    contractERP is a true end-to-end solution including all of your after-market field service needs. If your business sells, installs, and then services your customers with construction products and equipment, contractERP has you covered from top to bottom.
  • Pre-Installed or Pre-Hung Doors
    contractERP manages pre-installed door hardware or pre-hung door/frame assemblies, which provide a value add service to the construction job by delivering a ready to hang door in the field. This service provides contractors with reduced installation cost and time at the jobsite, while dramatically reducing the chance of missing or damaged product that is left loose on site.
Supported Editions
The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported Countries
United States, Canada
Supported Languages
This app is available in English (United States).

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