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A point-of-sale solution for professional salespeople at trade desks or sales counters.

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Counter Sales is an affordable and easy-to-use industrial counter sales and trade desk solution built right into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows organizations to quickly and easily add retail capabilities to their system. Counter Sales is packed with all the features you’d expect from a powerful point of sale system, but in a simple and cost effective package.

Counter Sales is ideal for B2B counter sales and smaller retail operations, such as parts counters or outlet stores.

Provide a quick checkout process

Your customers will appreciate the swiftness when it comes to processing their counter sales order. Counter Sales enables your team to scan barcodes so whether your customer is purchasing one item, or 100 items, they won’t get impatient watching you manually write up the order.

A system that works for your customer

Counter Sales is a flexible industrial point of sale solution that works with your customer, rather than forcing you to work with the system. For example, accepting multiple payment types for any given order is easy. A customer can pay half the amount owing with cash and the remainder with a credit card.

Increase opportunities by tracking lost sales

Counter Sales enables your team to easily track lost sales opportunities. With lost sales reporting, you’ll see what customers want to purchase but that you’re not able to deliver at the time. Counter Sales will present revenue generating opportunities for you.

End-of-day reconciliation is a breeze

Counter Sales provides an automated cash drawer reconciliation report at the close of every day. With its built-in closing process you’ll quickly reconcile the day’s sales and payments.

Track your sales to existing or new customers

Why designate a sale to “cash” when Counter Sales makes it easy to allocate sales to new and existing customers? Quickly look up past orders by customer name and generate reports to see who your biggest customers are.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential and Premium edition

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