CEM Advanced payroll

de CEM Business Solutions Inc

Process your payroll easily, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

CEM Advanced Payroll has every functionality you need for today and tomorrow. This includes exempt, non-exempt, full time, part time, 1099, volunteer, intern, contractor, overtime, double time, integration with T&A devices, banks, benefit providers, regulatory compliance, tax and more. In addition, this is connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365, CEM Union payroll, Certified payroll and HR. The system sends automated reports to the managers, employees (Pay-slip), unions and other parties. This means you can process your payroll easily, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Perfect for your company:

We understand how time-consuming and tedious to do the payroll repeatedly. Payroll is the most sensitive process for any organization. Timeliness, accuracy and compliance are the essential functions of the payroll. Non-compliance can lead to scrutiny, penalties, employees’ un-rest and brand damage. Spend less time shifting through time sheets, and more time on tasks that matters. Set them up once and let the software do the calculations at every payroll run.


  • Any employee type from regular to intern
  • Shifts and Rota-plans
  • Multiple pay periods
  • Overtime and double time
  • Integration with attendance, project time sheets, Banks, Benefit providers, Tax and Compliance

  • Ability to enter special pay & field expenses


  • Simple and automatic
  • Compliance assurance
  • Leave and absence management
  • Time and cost inputs to projects and cost centers
  • Accurate reporting
  • One stop shop with union and certified payroll
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Compensation mass update
  • Roles based dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders
  • CEM One mobile and daily log

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