MazikCare CareSupply

de Mazik Global Inc.

A tool to track and manage your healthcare organization’s materials.

CareSupply Module - Among materials management, central supply, nursing, and procurement staff, healthcare providers need coordination, real-time insights, and intuitive processes for supply purchase and replenishment. ​

PAR Management – With MazikCare CareSupply, clinicians and support staff can trust that they will have the right materials in hand exactly when they need them. Auto-count and replenish all internal materials; including medical supplies, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more. From preadmission to post-discharge, MazikCare streamlines and automates inventory processes for a holistic, value-based approach to cost management.  ​

eProcurement – CareSupply simplifies the requisition process through an intuitive front-end shopping portal. Contracted items can be ordered through pre-established vendor agreements, with supplier and delivery processes automatically triggered. Other products can be sourced electronically through an efficient punch-out process that enables users to order from non-contracted vendors within the MazikCare application, with data processed into Microsoft Dynamics 365. ​

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