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x4catalog: a built-in, feature-rich catalog automation solution integrated into Dynamics 365

Import and management automation of external product catalogues into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

x4catalog is a built-in, feature-rich catalog automation solution integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The new product catalog add-on module "x4catalog" automates the entire process around supplier catalogs and supports their extended administration. From importing product master data of the supplier offer and configurable data validation, to mapping product attributes, creating a library of available products and ultimately the final order initiation. All embedded directly into Dynamics 365 - no additional extensions are required. With x4catalog, querying and tracking is easy and provides full transparency for smooth, multi-client capable data processing and product overview.

Import and configured data validation

Supplier catalogs are imported with x4catalog in D365 independent of format. Product master data is generated in the system according to your data structure. The enrichment of any product details is automated and, of course, can also be done manually at any time.

Product Release Wizard

The product wizard supports and enables you to update missing values for several products at the same time, naturally also in mass processing. In addition, a multi-level release concept allows the creation of products across manufacturers and catalogs.

Support for the systematization of product attributes

An advanced mapping option for both internal and external codes (e.g. color codes, size codes, season codes, external supplier identification, etc.) enables automated recording and smooth product data processing for a manageable list overview and archiving in companies’ own ERP systems.

Multi-Client System

Release of product prices and barcodes to several companies within a group, for example in the respective country-specific currencies and prices.


Our catalog is available in english, czech and german.

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