Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud

de Ascent Cloud LLC

Territory Planner: Build, balance, and optimize your territories with ease.

Territory Planner empowers sales leaders to create balanced sales territories without needing to be data scientists. Easily combine data from disparate systems, allowing sales and operation teams to design balanced territories for optimal performance.

  • Build - Upload, interact with, and manipulate your data to design optimized territories for sales and customer facing teams.
  • Balance & Optimize - Territory Planner is more intuitive in determining metrics that are valuable in balancing territories, taking the headache out of the entire planning process.
  • Assign - Get complete control of aligning your territories to your unique go-to-market strategy all while being supported by the industry leaders in geolocation solutions.

With Territory Planner, you will be able to:

  • Balance territories – analyze your resources to provide equal opportunity for salespeople and maximize reach across target markets.
  • Intelligently optimize your territories – automatically optimize your territories in the planning stage using targeted criteria
  • Avoid an abundance of whitespace – find gaps in coverage to identify new target areas with predicted success.
  • Improve customer experience – less chance of neglected accounts when they’re distributed properly with the right territory design.
  • Save time – automate administrative tasks required with conventional territory planning approval workflows.
  • Combine data from multiple sources – build sales territories with flexible data import options.
  • Perform at scale – leveraging AWS cloud architecture and modern development tools allows the ability to scale and iterate at speed.
  • Have an unmatched customer experience – same top-notch customer success approach and hands-on assistance as Geopointe.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics

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