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..helps you capture the right data in the right sequence at the right time

Your CRM success is dependent on meaningful data. But how does your CRM user know what data to capture at different state of a customer lifecycle ? (lead, opportunity, customer profiling, servicing etc.) How do we know which data is important, and at what stage? How do we ensure that the data requirement dynamically changes as our engagements become deeper? Creating data capture forms are easy, establishing an organization-wide process of information update? Not so much. The Profiler tool answers all these questions. With the profiler, you can set the data capture process of all entities (customers , leads , opportunities, even custom entities). You can define the importance of the data by scoring them; the sequence in which the data needs to be captured (ensures that sensitive data is collected only when the relationship matures) and define different paths for different profiles (treat your important customers, high-value opportunities differently). The system provides a visual map of information collected, score the record against the benchmark and tells you where to go next. With CCentric’s profiler, your CRM engagements will be smoother, more meaningful and more profitable.

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