GIS Cloud PowerPlus

de HandyGeo Services

Natively embed GIS Cloud's mapping platform into your custom PowerApps application

Create your perfect mapping/GIS solution by natively embedding GIS Cloud's mapping platform into your custom PowerApps application. GIS Cloud PowerPlus provides access to the following PowerApps components and connectors:

  • GCMap - Render, explore and edit your GIS Cloud maps. In particular, this component provides users with the ability to render 70,000+ features on mobile, selectable features, togglable layers styled in GIS Cloud, snap to GPS location or selected feature and the capturing of point, line or polygon geometry for new features.
  • GCForm - Embed GIS Cloud’s mobile data collection forms. Dropping in smart and responsive forms for your data collection has never been easier.
  • GCAuth - Simple in-app management of your GIS Cloud API authentication and keys.
  • GIS Cloud API - Access the GIS Cloud API within your Power Platform solution using this connector.

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