Visionary Rules for Microsoft Dynamics 365

de Visionary Software

Easily configure Dynamics 365 forms - Fields, Tabs, and Sections - without coding JavaScript.

Designed for anyone who wants to implement Dynamic 365 Form changes quickly without coding  

For System Admins/System Analysts: Let Visionary Rules be your in-house developer - no need to spend thousands of dollars just to modify your Forms.
For professional Developers: Use Visionary Rules to shorten your dev time and focus on more complex coding.

Get rid of that spreadsheet of User Requests and System Changes. This no-code PowerApp goes beyond Microsoft Business Rules lets you build a more dynamic, responsive system without coding Javascript. 

Simply enter your conditions and actions into the easy-to-use form, click a few buttons, and Visionary Rules automatically generates and deploys the JavaScript to configure your Fields, Tabs, or Sections. No coding is required. 

Benefits for everyone
  • Create consistent, SDK-compliant JavaScript code across your system – even with multiple people making changes
  • No complicated program to learn - use your own field names to define your business logic to create a Visionary Rule
  • Utilize over 80 pre-built actions (Microsoft's Business Rules only has 8)
  • Easy to create a different user experience based on security roles
  • Easily Show or Hide Tabs & Sections based on the data entered on the form
  • YOU decide when the rule is implemented - when the form is Saved, when the form is Loaded, or based on User Input - putting you in control
  • Supports the new Unified Interface
Whether you are a Developer or an Admin, easily configure a D365 system your users will love!


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