LatLonGo for the Power Platform

de we-do-IT Pty Ltd

Use custom maps and take advantage of the ability to add forms/inspection functionality

LatLonGo provides end users with a system for distributing enterprise resource planning (ERP) information seamlessly to mobile devices (Microsoft Windows native tablet and phone UI, Android, iOS) as well as web clients.

You’ll be able to integrate your custom maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to visualize your own data and enhance with custom forms and inspections.

Explaining the specifics of LatLonGo:

  • Bundled with HERE Maps — used in 85% of factory-fitted car navigation systems and deemed an “Enterprise Class” location provider
  • GIS agnostic (native Smallworld GIS, Esri, Oracle, AutoCad, QGIS + FME)
  • Extensive set of controls to configure forms
  • Select forms from lists and from the map
  • Fill out forms for inspection or maintenance reasons
  • Analyse results of inspections
  • Analyse LatLonGo data and present results on the map

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