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Parse Email data to create Dynamics 365 CE / Power Apps Records automatically.

Zap Email parser extracts email data to create Dynamics 365 / Power Apps (Model-Driven) records. The App parses the email subject and body based on the parsing rules that has been set-up.

Use Case 1: Create leads automatically for emails received on your sales mailbox (Email-to-lead):
Most of the companies have a generic sales email address set-up (e.g. to which prospects can send sales related inquires. Wouldn’t it be great, if these inquiries can be added automatically to Dynamics 365 CE as leads?

Sample email received:

first name: Nick
last name: Cary
company: Zip Mart
topic: very interested in our email parser app


The Parser would extract the contents from these emails to create leads in Dynamics 365. This way, no enquiries go unanswered and are pushed to opportunities quickly! For details, refer blog: How to Setup Email-to-Lead in Dynamics 365 for Sales with Zap Email Parser App (link)

Use Case 2: Extracting data from Web forms:
Many online businesses have web forms that visitors fill-in such as contact forms, support request forms, registration forms, survey forms etc. After a visitor submits the form, the content is sent to the web-site owner via email. Think how much time it would take you to manually extract email form data and then create corresponding records in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps! Even if you receive such dozen submissions daily then it can literally take lot of your working time. Further, the process of distributing leads to the sales team and reaching the prospects will also slow down. That’s where Zap Email Parser can help, bridging the gap between creating new records in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps from forms on your website.

  • Create Any Power Apps / Dynamics 365 CE Record
    Easily create sales leads or any record in Power Apps / Dynamics 365 CE from email data (which may have generated from Contact-Us form on your website or any legacy system)

  • HIPAA Compliant
    Zap Email Parser App does all parsing natively within your Dynamics 365 / Power Apps environment and no data is sent out to any external service. For more information refer link.

  • Easy Configuration
    One-time easy set-up of parsing rules to extract data from email. Also creating parsing rules is straight-forward and does not need any coding.

  • Support for Multiple Templates
    If you receive email from multiple sources each with a different layout then you could create multiple templates. Zap Email Parser will first pick the correct template based on defined filters and then parse accordingly.

  • Support for creating multiple parsing rules for same field
    Email address from within email body could be extracted by searching for labels: “Email:”, “Email Address:”, “E-Mail:” etc. Now you can create multiple parsing rules for same destination field (Nov 22).

  • Email Tracking
    Functionality to automatically track the email against the newly created record

  • Parse existing emails
    Functionality to parse even existing emails by running the OnDemand “Email Parser” workflow

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