Script Lab, a Microsoft Garage project

de Microsoft Corporation

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Create, run, and share your Office Add-in code snippets from within Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

Experiment with the Office JavaScript API without ever leaving Excel, Word, or PowerPoint!

Use Script Lab to:

• Create and edit code snippets that include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and references to libraries and data on the web.

• Run the snippets and instantly see the result in a task pane and in the Office document.

• Get started quickly with a selection of samples.

• Learn the JavaScript API with the help of IntelliSense while you edit.

• Try TypeScript: make use of arrow functions, template strings, or even the latest TypeScript 2.0+ features like async/await.

• Prototype an add-in you're planning to develop.

There's no need to install any other software or configure your environment: as long as you have Office, you can get started in seconds.

Script Lab works in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (Office on Windows, Office for the web, and Office for Mac).

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  • Pode ler e efetuar alterações ao seu documento
  • Pode enviar dados através da Internet

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