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AI That Finds the Signal in the Noise

ModuleQ tracks your business interests and sends you the news you need to see ... before you ask. Powered by ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI, in partnership with Microsoft and London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

ModuleQ continually searches high-quality business news sources to find content relevant to your current priority clients and business interests. Delivering the information in daily updates so you are always prepared with the latest insights. You can easily share the news with collaborators via email. Your feedback on the news updates helps ModuleQ better tailor its recommendations to your interests and priorities.

ModuleQ's Personal Data Fusion automatically discovers your high priority client relationships by interpreting the digital traces in your Office 365 work data (email, calendar, chat), but it does not store the content of your emails. Confirm priorities that are important to you in order to help ModuleQ deliver more relevant news.

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