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Create professional Biomedical illustrations in a few clicks.

Choose from hundreds of free Biomedical 3D models and insert them as images at any angle.
3D models include human anatomy (e.g. organs, bone, muscle), surgical tools, lab objects, and more.
Inserted images can be used as a standalone image, or they can be assembled or edited on PowerPoint to create unique images.

Our models are made by our top-notch Biomedical illustrators.
Our aim is to help Biomedical researchers, lecturers and students create professional images within minutes.

Note: BlueBeaker add-in is not work on Microsoft web apps and desktop apps that use Internet Explorer 11.

Sign up and create a Free account today inside BlueBeaker add-in. The Free account includes the ability to insert images with watermarks. Once you’re logged in, you can insert images without watermarks and save models as Favorites. You do not have to charge, upgrade subscriptions, acquire additional licenses to use these functionality.
All images inserted through BlueBeaker are copyright free.

Key Features

  • Easily search and insert copyright-free images into your slides.
  • Adjust a model at any angle then insert it as an image.
  • Save models as Favorites for frequently used models

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