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Simplify the data flow between Excel documents and ClearPoint.

With ClearPoint Sync, users can make updates to summary reports directly from an Excel export, and vice versa, allowing users to keep data and information accurate and up to date.

ClearPoint Strategy is a web-based Balanced Scorecard, dashboard, and performance management software solution. Users can easily manage their strategic plans, strategy maps, KPIs, initiatives and dashboards - tools that leadership teams rely on to make more accurate decisions and use to ensure accountability and follow-through.

ClearPoint Sync makes it easy to automate reporting so users can make updates in Excel instead of having to log in to the application. The updates post to ClearPoint, helping management continue to generate stunning reports for leadership without adding an extra layer of training new individuals in a software they may not be familiar with. Many organizations also struggle with siloed and scattered data across departments. ClearPoint Sync allows departments to consolidate information and have a consistent format to report on. With ClearPoint Sync, ClearPoint and Excel are aligned – saving time on reporting, aiding the collaboration process among teams, and keeping reports up to date and accurate.

To use ClearPoint Sync, you must have access to a ClearPoint Strategy Enterprise account. For more information about ClearPoint Plans, visit

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