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Create templates for dynamic Word and PDF output using Adobe Document Generation API

Adobe Document Tagger add-in for Microsoft Word provides an easy to use interface to fast track template creation for documents generated with Adobe Document Generation API. Save time and increase productivity using templates with customization and branding for consistent and accurate document generation. The Document Tagger makes template creation quick and easy with powerful customization capabilities for conditional logic and phrases, expressions, including the ability to include Adobe Sign Text tags directly, producing documents that are readily consumable for signatures.

Adobe Document Generation API is a cloud-based web service that allows you to produce high fidelity PDF and Word documents with dynamic data inputs. Using Document Generation API, you can merge your JSON data with Word templates to create dynamic documents for contracts and agreements, invoices, proposals, reports, forms, branded marketing documents and more.

Feature list:

• Quickly and easily create Word templates that can be sent directly to the Document Generation API with JSON data for high fidelity PDF and Word document generation

• Save time with dynamic field generation from uploaded JSON data or copy and paste the JSON data model

• Generate tags and place holders for data ingestion

• Dynamically insert images and generate tables and repeating elements from data at runtime

• Perform arithmetic expressions and calculations

• Insert data elements, conditional phrases, and sections based on data and logic

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