EPM Pulse - Portfolio and Project Dashboards

de FluentPro Software Corporation

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Visualize your Portfolio and Project Data with pre-built and custom dashboards and reports

FluentPro EPM Pulse provides interactive Portfolio, Project and Resources Dashboards and reports for Microsoft Project Online and includes over 15 ready-to-use dashboards as well as Dashboard Designer. Our vision for EPM Pulse is to empower users with all the ready-to-use dashboards and reports that they might imagine they would need in a single product.

Organizations benefit from the fact that by using EPM Pulse’s Executive Portfolio Dashboards, Portfolio Financial Dashboards, Resource Usage and Team Utilization Dashboards, Status Reports and Project Dashboards as well as multi-point Portfolio and Project Governance and Healthcheck Reports and Dashboards, they will never have any need to buy additional reporting packages from other companies or invest in development. Using Dashboards Designer, users can build portfolio and project dashboards in a matter of minutes without the need for any coding, and write queries using 300+ pre-built charts.

Benefits of Using EPM Pulse:

  • Ready to use
  • 15 Portfolio and Project Dashboards included
  • Additional dashboard packages available with 30+ dashboards
  • Subscribe to Dashboards to be sent dashboards by email based on a schedule
  • Supports Resource Engagements, Timesheets
  • Embed Dashboards into Project Online
  • Support of drill down capabilities
  • Export dashboards to PDF, PNG

EPM Pulse Free Edition provides access for ten users, 15 ready-to-use dashboards, and in-app upgrade capabilities.

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