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Priberam's Portuguese Language Dictionary addin for Microsoft Office

The Dicionário Priberam addin for Office lets you search for definitions in 4 dictionaries of contemporary Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, with or without the Spelling Reform). This app requires a connection to the Internet.

The Dicionário Priberam is the most accessed online Portuguese language dictionary and is regularly updated.

You can:

  • Look up more than 128 000 entries (with synonyms and antonyms for each meaning), subentries and expressions.
  • Know the origin of more than 57 000 words and the pronunciation of more than 18 000 words.
  • Choose between the spelling before or after the 1990 Spelling Reform.
  • Choose between the European or the Brazilian variants of Portuguese.
  • View the conjugation of most verbs.

Open the app through the “My Apps” button located in the “Insert” menu and then select a word in the text or simply look up a word directly in the app.

To have access to all the information related to this word (similar words, translations, related words, etc.), click on the link below the entry.

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