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Connect your team, integrate new hires, improve employee well-being, retention and productivity

LEAD is the Next Generation People Success software platform that drives your team to engage more effectively and cross-functionally, while generating insights that lead to consistent improvements in company culture, powered by AI.

Connect your team, integrate new hires, improve employee well being, retention, and productivity: High-performing teams thrive on providing & receiving regular casual check-ins and peer feedback. creates a fun and easy way to boost performance and employee engagement by connecting coworkers for team- building, knowledge sharing, and collaborations throughout any time of your employees' career life cycle.

Support culture Initiatives such as:

  • Virtual coffee (random coffee, lunch & coffee pal, donut meetups, etc)
  • Peer mentorship/mentor pairing (e.g. Mentors meet Mentees)
  • Cross team employee matching (e.g. Engineering-meet-Sales or HR-meet-Marketing)
  • New hire / onboarding buddy program & introductions (e.g. New Hire meet Employee)
  • A virtual "watercooler" conversation starters to spark social conversations such as "Share a photo of your pet!"
  • Executive lottery
  • DE&I discussions for ERGs
  • Wellbeing peer check-in utilizes AI technologies to introduce coworkers from different teams and locations 1 on 1, or in larger groups, automatically. Employees can chat and set up meetings on their own calendars, in a flexible way.

Access our Admin Dashboard to configure the following:

  • Per team per matching schedules (you can have multiple matching teams with different schedules)
  • Employee engagement insights and Pulse Survey insights
  • Team and organization level analytics dashboard to understand how people are connected
  • Outlook calendar integration
  • Matching Opt-in and out for certain employees
  • Set up watercooler conversation starters
  • Set up dashboard access restrictions, view audit logs, and more
  • We're constantly adding more features!

Simple implementation:

To get started, simply add to a team, and members of those teams will be matched with each other!

By default, will send matches every Monday at 10:00 AM (PT) every other week when a company first installs For admins, you can alter your settings, view your program progress, and capture the insights to management from the dashboard.

Upon installation, will direct message the installer with further guidance as well as various resources for making the program successful in your organization.

Employee Opt-Out

Employees can opt-in and out anytime by direct messaging "disable matching for me", or having their administrators disable matching for them in the dashboard.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact or book an appointment at We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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