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Design beautiful SharePoint list forms with dynamic header options and up to 3-Column body layouts

Vike Forms is an intuitive solution for SharePoint Online, 2019 and 2016 that allows non technical users to create interactive, better looking list forms quickly, use newly created custom forms to add data to lists, you can create multiple forms on a list with different fields/columns to abstract data from different set of users.

Vike Forms solution can create forms for following list types

• Custom (Generic) list

• Links list

• Announcements list

• Contacts list

• Events list

• Tasks list

• Issue Tracking

Header type and Body layout can be utilized to beautify the forms look and feel.

Header type provides following options

• Banner

• Logo

• Logo and Banner

• Rich text

• Logo and Rich text

Body layout provides following options

• Horizontal (One Column)

• Two Columns

• Three Columns

Fields can be rearranged by dragging and dropping to a new position, Fields can also be deleted on the form.

Field properties can be set to work within the forms context: Title, description and required validation can be set by clicking on 'Field Properties' button for each field.

Vike Forms solution provides following major functionalities.

• Vike Forms Designer

Vike Forms Designer Add-In can be added as a web part to a target page or a full width App Page (recommended).

Enables users to create, manage and publish forms. .

• Vike Forms

Vike Forms Add-In can be added as a web part to a target page or a full width App Page (recommended).

Vike Forms Add-In can be configured to published forms in Designer and allows users to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) on form data (list items).

Submitted data from Vike Form is directly saved in the related list.

• List Extensions

Functionality available in Manage Forms dashboard in Vike Designer allow users to directly open linked form from the list toolbar.

User has option to enable/disable list extension for a particular form and list.

Allows users to Create, View and Edit list items in Vike Form. Submitted data from list extension Vike Form is directly saved in the related list.

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