GRID add-in for Microsoft Excel

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The GRID add-in for Excel will allow you to seamlessly synchronize your spreadsheets with GRID.

GRID is a SaaS offering that enables you to build interactive web pages on top of your spreadsheet data and models.

As a GRID user, the GRID add-in for Excel will allow you to seamlessly synchronize the spreadsheets you are working on with GRID. If you are not already a GRID user, you can sign up for a free account.

GRID is commonly used by Excel users to:

* Build and publish online calculators based on existing spreadsheets

* Share a model with colleagues or partners to freely and visually explore business scenarios

* Provide context to data and models already living in spreadsheets with a notebook-like interface

With GRID you can provide your audience with the context, guidance and interaction needed for them to get the most out of your models without risking them changing anything in your master spreadsheet. You can choose which parts of the spreadsheet you want to share - and how - while keeping other parts securely out of sight.

GRID is for anyone that on a regular basis finds themselves sharing data or models they've brought together in a spreadsheet:

No more emailing Excel files back and forth

No more risking your audience will ruin your models

No more copy-paste of static charts and tables into PowerPoints or PDFs

No more "let me run the new numbers and get back to you"

GRID keeps the spreadsheet author in control of their creation while better serving their audience. The Excel add-in for GRID allows you to seamlessly start new GRID documents and update them with the latest data from right within Excel.

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