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Centralize all communication channels

Centralise all customer chats multiple mainstream chats onto one single dashboard.

Qiscus is a multichannel conversation platform that helps businesses embrace the new expectations of excellent CX, through the ability to engage in timely conversations at scale.

Qiscus Multichannel Chat Platform (SMART) - You can now SCALE your multichannel customer engagement. With Multichannel Chat, you can engage more potential and existing customers via multiple mainstream chats (eg WhatsApp, Messenger, etc), in real-time, whilst keeping cost low.

**Our goal :**

* One Stop End-to-End Channel Centralisation - All in a single dashboard

* Seamless Text to Call Switching - Without needing separate apps.

* Bring-Your-Own-Bot (BYOB) - To enable you to integrate to any Artificial Intelligence Bot

* Multilayer Analytics - To understand performance at different level.

**Features include :**

* Agent Allocation

* Template Message

* Office hours

* Automatic reply

If you are an enterprise employee requires to help a lot of customers at the same time. You are in a good hand, we offer that services, include :

**Collaboration Messaging**

Enhance your work flow productivities by receive from other and custom message channel. If you an admin feel free to setting up your needs by checking our setting menu


Outsmart your attendance to your customers and helping you to manage your tasks

**Learn More**

In order to use this app. Users must have an active plan for Qiscus Multichannel. If have any question, reach us by information below

**Contact Us**

Email : [](

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