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Organize data hierarchies and visualize process steps with advanced charts

xViz Funnel/Pyramid chart is used to show the many stages of a process, and is also used to identify potential areas for improvement in that process. Each segment represents a volume or value for a certain stage of the process. Each section's height is proportionate to the value it represents.

When you require your data to reflect a specific hierarchy/structure, you can use pyramid charts. Each section's height is a visual representation of a measure indicating volume/quantity. Depending on your needs, sections can be positioned from bottom to top or top to bottom.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Chart Options – You have an array of chart options to configure the look and size of the Funnel/Pyramid chart:
    • Chart Type - Choose from two chart types – Funnel and Pyramid
    • Chart Orientation - Choose from two chart orientations to flip the chart up and down.
    • 3D Mode - Choose to view your data in the Funnel/Pyramid as a regular chart or 3D chart.
    • Chart Width - Increase or decrease the measurement or extent of the Funnel/Pyramid chart from side to side.
    • 3D Rotation - Enable 3D rotation and you can configure X, and Y axis values and add depth to the visualization.
  • Data labels – Fully customize the data labels to make the data easier to understand for end-users. You have the option to show any combination of categories, Values, or % of the total. Customize the position of your labels and add word wrap to stand out.
  • Conditional Formatting – Highlight outliers based on set rules, to provide a deeper understanding of your data.
  • Sorting – You can choose to sort your visual by any measure within your PBI file to focus on key values.
  • Summary Table – Gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data.

Why choose xViz visuals?

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To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI, visit - Funnel/Pyramid Resources

Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

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