Nonprofit Volunteer Management Availability Report

de Wipfli LLP

Volunteer Management Availability Report built upon Nonprofit Accelerator

Nonprofit organizations who rely on volunteers to support their mission or who want grow their volunteer capacity need a solid and executable volunteer management strategy to support and scale their organizations and to maximize the impact they deliver. The Volunteer Management Availability Report allows you to analyze availability and qualification metrics for your volunteer workforce to be able to better and report and match volunteers to the correct opportunities. This report is built upon and compatible with the Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator core (Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits). The Nonprofit Management Availability Report helps drive scale and impact to your organization by helping you: * Identify gaps within your current volunteer network * Understand areas where your volunteer network needs additional training and skills * Determine forecast for volunteer needs and capacity of available volunteers * Effectively match volunteers to opportunity/event needs Provides KPIs including: * Volunteer recruitment/new volunteers * Volunteers by qualification * Volunteers by location * Volunteer availability

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