365™ CAD for Public Safety

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Reach those in need faster with 365™ CAD powered by Velocity™

Reach those in need faster with 365™ CAD powered by Velocity™. Patented technology minimizes the lag between first responders and those who need help. Velocity provides a 360° visual of the situation to call takers, dispatch and mobile units with camera feeds and intel available for the incident. The connected RealTime system can dispatch drones autonomously while supporting officers in real-time.

- ANI/ALI Phase 1 & 2: automatically determines the latitude + longitude of the incident & displays the incident on the CAD map.
- Multi-Agency Response Plans & Multi-Agency File Creation
- Built-in RapidSOS integration provides live-saving data from devices and sensors.
- PinPoint™ Location Finder provides precise geo-location even with no defined address
- Operators can quickly view nearby incidents and merge new CAD calls with an existing incident.

Dispatch - Always a Step Ahead
- Single Click Dispatch: Built-in AI auto-recommends units based on multiple criteria - such as location, priority and incident type - to enable the fastest dispatch in the industry.
- Customizable functions & smart screens
- Multi-Agency Dispatch & Adjustments: Manage one agency or multiple agencies, disciplines and jurisdictions on a single integrated system.
- ArcGIS ESRI layers, 3-D Microsoft & Google Maps and Live Cameras
- Drag & Drop Dispatch
- Built-in NCIC
- CommandLine⁺: Power users can build custom plans for the fastest way to complete a dispatch.
- Officer Safety Timers

Truly Mobile CAD
- Intelligent routing & in-app navigation saves precious seconds for responding units
- Velocity™ proactively readies officers for impending calls
- Update call/unit status and notes in realtime
- Proactive safety alerts, geofencing, BOLO notifications and location intel
- Run NCIC lookups directly from CAD
- Reports are auto-filled with existing data from CAD – no need to re-type!

Fully functional iPhone and Android native app extends CAD to phones
- Real-time alerts & community tips
- Optimized Routes
- Location Intel
- Active Warrant Alerts
- Live Video Feeds

Smart Connections: Native + Built-in third party integrations
- Built-in 365™ RMS and NCIC integration provides access to information on a single screen.
- Motorola, etc. Radio interface shows location of officers in the field.
- RapidSOS™ integration shares realtime location and life-saving data with first responders
- ShotSpotter, AVL, LPR & Camera tie-in provide real-time location intel for dispatchers and officers.
- Interfaces to most third-party RMS, Fire, EMS & Open Data systems.

Realtime Intel from 100’s of Sensors video from multiple sources.
- Built-in Realtime & VMS
- Drone Feeds
- Traffic & Crime Cameras
- Residential and Business Cameras
- Neighborhood LPR
- AVLs, Sensors & AI Image Analysis
- ShotSpotter Activation

Disaster proof with cloud - 365™ CAD is built to function everywhere – even when nothing else does.
- 99.99% uptime
- Built-in Geo redundancy and automatic failover.

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