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Florian is the next generation in accountability software for the fire service.

Florian is a software-based command platform that gives you complete oversight over everything from incident pre-planning, total on-site awareness of your personnel and tactics as well as detailed records for your debrief & training.
Picture this… it’s 3 am the tones go off, you and your crew are en route to an incident, equipped with Florian you as an IC now have the ability to perform a digital size up, designate on scene assignments and procedures all prior to arrival. Giving your entire department a clear plan of attack, while saving critical time and inefficient radio chatter.
Upon arrival your tactics are already being put into action on scene, Florian integrates the power of real-time tracking across multiple devices paired with downloadable 3D satellite imagery to provide you with the tools to oversee and organize your personnel. Florian’s automated on-site accountability platform is designed to reduce noise at the incident. Decreasing the need for frequent PARS, while assisting you in achieving your operational objectives.
Later back at the station, Florian even gives you full interactive control over a detailed 3D post-incident playback, enabling a powerful debrief opportunity that connects you and your firefighters. Reviewing the history of an event aids in future pre-incident planning and training. Allowing for improved performance, efficiency and ultimately comradery.
Florian brings your department into the digital era. We continually consult and collaborate with experienced commanders so that our focus is always on practicality and ease of use. We also put emphasis on the security of your department's data. 

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