Counterfeit Protection with Track & Trace

de Arvato Systems

IT solution for serialization and traceability of consumer goods

Where's the food coming from? Is the luxury bag from the online trade an original? How can I, as a manufacturing company, optimise logistics processes for greater counterfeit protection and at the same time reduce process costs? 

With our serialization and Track & Trace solutions, we help you avoid replicas in your supply chain and create the necessary product transparency against counterfeits to protect your company and your consumers. With Track & Trace you enable transparent traceability of your products within the entire manufacturing and delivery process (end-to-end). Be able to distinguish counterfeits from originals based on their origin, serial numbers and transport history.


This development is largely driven by four factors:

  • Preventing counterfeiting
  • Regulatory standards
  • Proof of product origin
  • Inventory management


Arvato Systems' end-to-end traceability creates more transparency in your business in real time. Benefit from our many years of expertise: A large part of our Track & Trace portfolio is already in use with a large number of customers and brings the following benefits:

  • Secure and user friendly Software as a Service Solution 
  • Proven by other industries and a huge amount of integrations: the Arvato Track & Trace solution is able to integrate business partners in a safe, convenient and efficient way 
  • The solution can be adapted to your specific (business) process requirements 
  • No need to choose only one single importer (reduced dependency) 
  • No need to change your existing supply chain/export process


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