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Catering, Service Requests and Meeting Services for efficient Hospitality and Service Management

An Integrated part of Outlook and Microsoft 365

AskCody makes requesting and ordering services for meetings intuitive and easy for end-users and employees. Employees won’t have to jump between different systems to manage meeting invites in Outlook, room bookings, and service requests. Users can handle everything from one integrated interface inside Outlook.

With AskCody, the Hospitality Team knows whatwhen, and where employees need services delivered and can manage these with ease. AskCody makes it easy to order additional resources, workflows, items, bookings of corporate kitchens, canteens and accept or reject bookings or service requests. Kitchen and facilities managers can immediately tell what they need, how many people need meeting services, and their location. An updated overview of today’s task is updated in real-time, making it easy for service providers to plan their day and stay ahead. 

Employees can reschedule or cancel without worry and with no need to re-inform the service provider. AskCody does that automatically. And if someone cancels a meeting, the assigned resources will be released automatically. The kitchen or the AV provider will be notified promptly about the changes to the request. 

Simplify meeting services

Integrated Meeting Service Management simplifies and streamlines meeting service management in one integrated platform, empowering all aspects and administrative tasks of meetings. This includes managing catering for meetings, service requests, table arrangements, hospitality, or other added service or equipment that needs to be taken care of to support the meeting. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Catering, hospitality, and service request right in Outlooks familiar interface
  • Scheduling rules and policies, including buffer time, deadlines and clean up times
  • Advanced service vendor management
  • Workflow and process management
  • Cost center management
  • Billing tracking, tax management, client matter, general ledger, and more
  • Integrated reporting capabilities
  • API access for automation

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