TalkProcess forms

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Process business mapping tool

TalkProcess forms is a business process mapping software that collects processes information digitally.

It is a tool that supports all process mapping project phases:

- Prepare and plan;

- Communicate and raise awareness;

- Aggregate information.

Through an intelligent and specialized form in the process mapping, you collect information about how each business process is executed. In this form, in a collaborative way, the Process Professional clarifies his doubts and interacts directly with the process actors.

All communication is recorded and organized digitally, for the subsequent process design, after the correct understanding of the process activities.

The actors' engagement  in the process of filling out the forms is automatically measured and communicated to the Chiefs and project Sponsors, through a mobile app. The actors' engagement commitment is guaranteed, gaining agility and improving the mapping quality.

Replace process mapping interviews with something more practical and efficient:

- A specialized form in the process mapping;

- Automatic control of deadlines;

- Automated communication and billing;

- Collaboration and interaction resources;

- Automatic measurement of engagement indicators;

- A simple and intuitive tool for employees to use.

This application is available in brazilian portuguese.

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