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SharePoint Employee Directory is a cloud-based directory that helps teams collaborate better.

SharePoint Employee Directory or HR Directory is a cloud-based directory that helps you access staff details and connect to the right people quickly. It is useful for office staff located in disparate geographies. It is amazing and one of its kind when it comes to locating information on any of your office staff in a single click. Just search them either by name, location, department, or job title. As the add-in is integrated with Skype for Business, Teams, and other emailing applications- you can easily call employees on skype or chat or email them without leaving the directory platform. The platform is facilitated to be used by everyone and anyone within an organizational hierarchy in any company.  

The add-in also helps to manage skills and proficiency level of the staff.  It is extremely simple to manage data as it uses SharePoint user profile as the base list. People can simply update the information in Delve, and it can pick up updated from there using Azure Active Directory. The add-in is adapted for multiple languages so you don't need to worry if you have offices in multiple locations and your staff understand regional languages. Our SharePoint based Employee Directory is also powered with a robust search functionality. it comes with a Mobile app so your own people's directory is available anytime, any where in multiple languages. 
It also comes with a free version of organizational chart, birthday, work anniversary reminder and news ticker application. 

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