Calastone Money Market Services


Money Market Services connects liquidity fund providers to treasurers and their management systems

Calastone Money Market Services (MMS) digitalises the liquidity investment process so that companies, public sector organisations and financial institutions can more easily balance their security, liquidity and yield objectives when investing surplus cash in short term assets. It also enables fund providers and portals to differentiate their offering and grow assets under management by delivering automated trade, settlement, reporting and sweeps solutions.

Calastone has strong credentials when connecting the global funds marketplace with digital solutions. Using our Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI), based on distributed ledger technology, liquidity fund managers, portals and liquidity investors only have to connect once to the Calastone network using their preferred connectivity method to be connected to all their liquidity trading partners. They can then leverage:

  • Automated trade placement – All trades can be placed using a preferred treasury system, or directly with Calastone, before being automatically routed to the liquidity fund provider or portal.
  • Automated cash settlement using any bank – Calastone automatically instructs an investor’s bank to make payment as soon as a trade is accepted or confirmed.
  • Integrated reporting – Fund investment information, including real time positions & transactions, rates and yields and gain / loss reporting, is automatically delivered to the investor as soon as it is made available by the liquidity fund provider or portal.
  • Automated sweeps process – Surplus cash balance information can be shared and invested automatically.
  • Lower operational cost and risk – One automated investment process creates investment certainty and cuts the risk of error and delay that is posed by today’s multi step process and intermediary systems.
  • Instant information – One connection delivers real time fund information from the fund provider to the investor, and/or their treasury system, so removing the risks associated to rekeying information and delayed reports while enabling better investment decision making.
  • Trade and settlement transparency – The digital solution affords full visibility over each liquidity fund trade with live settlement updates and end-to-end payment tracking and instant fund updates.
  • One trusted connection to the whole market – Calastone runs the world’s largest mutual fund network. Liquidity fund providers, portals and liquidity investors – including treasurers, asset managers, banks and hedge funds – and their treasury systems, only need to connect once to Calastone and they are connected to all their trading partners.

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