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WorkplaceBuddy: Learn to work better with Microsoft 365

The WorkplaceBuddy experience consists of:
  • A chatbot interview: During this interview we get to know you better and this helps us understand what you want to learn and what pace you want to learn at.
  • A personal learning journey: Based on the interview the best matching learnings are collected and your learning journey starts right away!
  • Adventures and badges: There are different adventures you can start. During these adventures you will get a tour through exciting features of Microsoft 365. Upon finishing specific tasks, you will also receive badges for your hard work!
  • Asking questions: Feel free to ask WorkplaceBuddy questions. The chatbot will give you a direct answer and otherwise our team will follow up on your question (as long as your question is about Microsoft 365)!

All in all, WorkplaceBuddy helps you collaborate better in your modern workplace, save time, stay up-to-date and succeed with joy everywhere.
WorkplaceBuddy is an ideal solution to improve Microsoft 365 adoption and help colleagues learn about Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive and all the other Microsoft Office products. We help workplace, HR, IT managers and Microsoft partners decrease support tickets and build productivity.

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