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CC4Teams adds functionalities such as inteligent routing to Microsoft Teams

Contact Center solutions; that is what we do! 

So we know, like no other, that integrating natively with Microsoft, making our solution available on the same screen is what your customer contact team needs. CC4Teams enhances Microsoft Teams with features and adds additional functionality to use Microsoft Teams as a complete Omni-ChannelContact Center solution. For example, CC4Teams adds our proprietary drag and drop IVR (no code needed), ad-hoc or scheduled call recording, operator attendant, historical and real-time reporting (integrates with Microsoft PowerBi), wallboards, home workers, supervisor functionalities, and skilled based routing directly to Microsoft Teams. The intuitive CC4Teams user interface offers the same user experience you're accustomed to; your Contact Center agents will learn to use the software in no time. Our Contact Center software is designed in close collaboration with people who actually use it. As a result, the user interface is easy to use and easy to manage. Using CC4Teams has proven to translate to a boost in your Contact Center productivity.

Functionality Contact Center agents need

CC4Teams adds the functionality a Contact Center agent needs. This allows for many new and efficient ways for your Contact Center, service, or sales teams to collaborate and improve their performance. By, for instance, the ability to cherry-pick a caller from the queue, add agents to the queue at a busy time, or view the complete customer journey with Dynamics or Salesforce integration. 

CC4Teams takes call routing seriously Being transferred to the wrong agent is the No1 reason why customers drop a call. Therefore, all channels, voice, email, webchat, and Social Media, are routed with the same powerful engine to transfer all conversations to the right agent the first time. Routing can be Skillbased or by the longest available agent.

The possibilities are endless 

when Microsoft Teams meets CC4Teams. It allows agents to pull up any information they need right there—no more opening new tabs, losing time and information, and, what's worse, losing customers. The most sophisticated Contact Center features, intuitively and ready to work with within no time. It will not only reduce call handling time significantly, but it will also increase customer satisfaction. In addition, insights in outcomes with reports (standard or Microsoft PowerBi) will make Contact Center management also a walk in the park. Increase your control, lower your workload. Try it now!

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