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CAI helps you integrating Microsoft365 tools into your daily work & guides you through all features

Having trouble using Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 tools effectively? However, you have no time for trainings or it mostly covers no relevant content for you? And do you think, it's really hard to remember all the different functions afterwards?

No worries! Coach CAI is here to help! CAI is your personal assistent answering your questions on how to use the tools effectively. He explains when and why certain features should be used - at your own pace and learning preferences.

Meet CAI

CAI is the new star in the Microsoft Teams App Store. With his award-winning design, he is featured in Microsoft's official newsletters and more and more Microsoft MVP's (Most Valuable Professionals) are talking about this little buddy. Even in the environment of Microsoft Viva, the new Employee Experience Platform (EXP), he is a great and empathic solution to empower people to get their work done.

How will this Personal Coaching work?

The longer CAI works by your side, the better he understands your skills and individual learning needs. Based on this information, CAI's algorithm will not only wait for your questions, but also predict important quick tips and send them to you in the perfect situation. Thus, you will increase your M365 skills and learn in a new way, simultaneously.

CAI helps you and every employee in your organization to improve your everyday work with Microsoft 365 tools.

Main functions:

  • Establish employee-centric & predictive learning - automated, customized and scalable with the Microsoft Bot Framework and powered by artificial intelligence
  • Reduce training costs – deliver and remind only relevant content based on individual user skills and learning preferences
  • Onboard and continuously motivate user's learning progress with use case specific courses, quizzes and gamification
  • Increase active Teams usage - enable employees using specific functions at the right time
  • Reduce Help Desk's 1. level support requests with constantly updated and extended 600+ empathic answers for most M365 tools (Teams, Planner, ToDo, OneNote, Viva MyInsights, Lists, OneDrive, Forms, Whiteboard, ...)
In order to use all the features of the app, users must have an active subscription. Please contact us at when you want to try it for free.


  • Receiving messages and information (e.g. nick name) provided by the user
  • Sending messages and notifications
  • Accessing user's profile information such as name and preferred language

This application is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and other languages.

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