CSG Conversational AI

de Csg Systems, Inc.

Enable intelligent conversations and true AI driven customer experiences across entire enterprise

CSG’s Conversational AI platform, powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, takes a best of breed approach in leveraging many different technologies, including natural language understanding, machine learning, and voice processing to provide personalized, real-time conversations between brands and their customers. CAI can be used in a variety of ways from website assistance to call center support and much more. Businesses across all verticals are leveraging CAI to improve their customer support and overall customer experience.

CSG provides a “build once” and deploy anywhere CAI solution for enterprises, which delivers personalized customer experiences and supports a variety of verticals, use cases, channels, and languages. Our solution combines all the tools needed to build, manage, and maintain an advanced CAI platform. It collects conversational data that addresses the voice of the customer and allows the platform to learn from those interactions.

Speak Your Customers’ Language At Scale

With over 20 years of expertise in developing state-of-the-art speech applications, CSG’s Conversational AI can be deployed to your most costly channel in weeks, not months, and provide you with an immediate return on value to help you overcome increasing Contact Center pain points such as rising call volumes, longer hold times and handle times, and reduced first call resolution, ultimately leading to both frustrated customers and employees. With CSG’s Conversational AI deployed as an automation gatekeeper between your customers and your contact center agents, CAI will provide immediate self-service containment to reduce the number of calls that are burdening your agents, and CAI can ensure that calls are routed to the correct agent the first time when agent intervention might be needed.

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