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Test with AI-powered automation. Eggplant DAI licences with FastStart training.

Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) uses scriptless models, AI, and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution across the full testing process. From test-case generation and test optimisation to results analytics.

How can we help organisations across different industries? 

In Retail, our platform enables continuous tracking of real customer insights by non-intrusively tracking users’ movements through a website or application. Our platform-agnostic approach means retailers can avail of these benefits across all devices and systems where they operate. 

In Healthcare, Eggplant makes it significantly easier for the various business users involved in testing and verification—for example, claims specialists, nurses, technology vendors—to draw on AI-driven automation to ensure better quality software without incurring additional time or resources.

In Defense and Aerospace, the ability to quickly deploy and scale AI-driven automation is essential. DAI’s new single UI further simplifies complex processes, allowing aerospace and defense companies to dramatically improve how they test and easily drill into testing details within the same environment. 

You will be able to relate real user behavior to your desired business outcomes. Eggplant DAI can help quickly and dramatically improve your ROI by reducing time, cost and resources spent on testing. You will improve customer satisfaction by prediction of success of software prior to its release. Moreover, with Eggplant DAI, you will accelerate Business Change with quicker time-to-market without sacrificing quality.

When you purchase the licences, Eggplant will get your teams up to speed with a comprehensive training program - FastStart. 5 and a half days of informative and insightful sessions with an Eggplant expert will equip you with the knowledge you require to kick-start your journey with DAI.

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