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Provide the best possible patient care with a modern testing approach.

Growing patient risk is tied to software glitches, user errors and other flaws such as one patient's notes appearing on another's, failed alerts for dangerous drug interactions, or lost data when text was entered with a certain combination of punctuations. These issues arise from poor quality or limited testing. Problems relating to automating multiple electronic medical records (EMR) systems across multiple operating systems, long release cycles, or rich, graphical UIs making automation a challenge are regular occurrences in the world of testing for healthcare organisations.

Eggplant has the power to overcome all these challenges.

Our technology agnostic approach will work on any software, system or device with a UI. Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform is the  automation standard used by industry leading EMR solution providers Cerner & Epic as well as the NHS and 50+ US hospitals. We deliver true end-to-end testing across multiple devices and systems, though a clinician's eyes, doing anything a user can do. 

Eggplant’s RPA solution also helps healthcare organizations along their digitization journey, allowing them to rely on their data and reduce the time it takes to complete arduous clinician processes. When it comes to positive patient outcomes, the UK National Health Service are now Digital First.

With Eggplant, healthcare organisations can access, test and stage adding patients, create a help desk, timings, training environments, blood bank software or patient portals on mobile devices to name a few. Continuous and intelligent automation that Eggplant provide bring the intelligence of manual testing but using automation.

Eggplant uses one platform to test them all, regardless of the infrastructure’s age:

•       Any EMR/HER System; packaged or bespoke, legacy, modern or any combination

•       Any graphically rich UI system, such as PACS

•       Any Custom or Dedicated device

•       Any Operating system or web technology

•       Anything else! From Citrix, to robots, to SAP, to database system

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