Document Intelligence powered by Azure OpenAI

de EY Global

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Unlocking insights from business documents

Solution overview
The EY Document Intelligence (DI) platform leverages machine learning, Azure OpenAI, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to help companies review, process and interpret a wide range of documents more quickly, consistently, accurately and cost-effectively. The solution incorporates EY extensive knowledge of document management and Microsoft’s leading-edge artificial intelligence technologies to help companies extract value and insights from structured and unstructured business documents.

Solution benefits

The EY DI platform helps organizations unlock insights from a wide range of key business documents, while substantially reducing review and processing time. The platform has helped clients:

    • Reduce document review and processing time by 90%
    • Decrease costs by 80%
    • Cut risk by 20%
    • Increase processing accuracy by 25%
    • Improve consistency by 50%

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