OnBoarding for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

de FourVision

Boarding the way to introduce your latest hero within your organization.

Once hired, boarding allows businesses to set employees up for success. Make new hires feel welcome by adding structure and eliminating some of the anxiety that comes with starting a new job. Onboard empowers businesses to provide a personalized experience that streamlines paperwork, improves engagement, and accelerates time-to-impact FourVisions boarding is a web-based SAAS solution that provides seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. It allows you to manage the onboarding processes as well as promotions (crossboarding), moving to other countries and off boarding . Our boardings software gets your new hire on the right track by immersing them into the company culture and ensures efficiency and productivity day one. With our easy to use platform new hires will comfortably assimilate with company goals, values and policies. FourVision boarding software comes with an easy to use portal that allow you to receive and exchange vital information. To speed up the productivity on day one you can guide your new hire with manuals and training materials such like a video. Set deadlines, goal dates, assign managers and introduce team members with task management . Our software helps outline expectations, build connections, prepare and train newcomers through customized workflows designed to make life simple. Key takeaways - Easily send out invitations to newly hired employees to begin the boarding process - New hire portal with tasks for the new hire to complete with an intuitive interface - Organizational user / boarding staff’s work-flow for the onboarding process - Boarding tasks and status with real time monitoring - Boarding activity management - Data capture and data import of important information - Secure access to the new hire only

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